On The Issues

The Economy

  • Jimmy is a principled fiscal conservative, who understands the power of free markets and economic liberty.  The less government involvement in the market place, the better. (Source)


  • Jimmy believes strongly in school choice.  He feels parents should be given greater freedom in homeschooling their children or allowing them to go to private or vocational schools. (Source)

Second Amendment

  • Jimmy is a gun owner, and has spent much time vocally advocating gun rights.  He understands and defends the Second Amendment. (Source)

State Sovereignty

  • Jimmy calls himself a big supporter of federalism and states’ rights, and believes that major issues unmentioned by the Constitution (such as abortion and gay marriage) should be handled at the state and local levels, not by Washington, D.C. (Source)

National Defense

  • Jimmy understands the need for a strong national defense, but believes that our foreign policy must exemplify individual liberty and self determination just as our domestic policy should, and not prop up corrupt regimes or dictate to other countries how to run their internal affairs.  (Source)

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