About Us

We support drafting Jimmy Wales for Florida’s next U.S. Senator, because Jimmy understands what it is that makes America great:

It is freedom, not government control and regulation, that fuels the spirit of our nation.  It is independence, not centralized planning, that ensures this country’s prosperity.  It is our respect for human rights, not the pomp of the State, that earns us the reverence and admiration of the world.

Jimmy is a true patriot in the mold of Washington and Jefferson, who didn’t seek power for themselves, but liberty for their country.  His common sense is desperately needed in the U.S. Senate in these out-of-control times.

We call upon Jimmy Wales to become our next U.S. Senator, because no one in the great state of Florida is better positioned than he to run on this platform, and no one can be better trusted than he to truly fight for our freedoms.  We are not affiliated with Jimmy Wales, nor do we know how willing he would be to take up this banner on our behalf, but we believe he cares deeply about the state of the country and the world, and that he will carefully consider our call.


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