Does Bill Nelson Care at All About the First Amendment?

Was Senator Bill Nelson aware that the lone reporter who was allowed to attend one of his fundraisers, was in fact forced into a closet for over an hour?  Even if Nelson was not aware of this horrific treatment by the government of the press, will Nelson speak out against this and denounce this kind of behavior?

If this sort of thing doesn’t bother Nelson, it wouldn’t be the first time Nelson has shown appalling disregard for the First Amendment:

  • Nelson supports McCain-Feingold, which infringes our First Amendment guaranteed right to advertise our opinions in elections.
  • Nelson supports the Patriot Act, which allows federal agents to write their own search warrant against you based on what kind of books you read in a library, and then places a gag order on the library from telling anyone else that their patrons’ privacy has been violated.
  • Nelson supports granting Obama the power to kill Internet traffic, effectively silencing anyone Obama deems a “threat”.
  • Nelson voted to bar Congress from even debating the job-killing cap-and-trade legislation he supports.

Bill Nelson is no protector of free speech.

Jimmy Wales, however, has built his entire career upon the principle of free speech.  His work with Wikipedia and Wikia, Inc. has proven that, by giving everyone a voice, we all benefit immensely.

Put Jimmy Wales in the US Senate, and defend your First Amendment rights from power-thirsty statists like Bill Nelson.

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