Why Bill Nelson Must Go

Bill Nelson voted for the $825 billion, pork-filled stimulus legislation. (Source)

Bill Nelson opposes parents choosing schools via vouchers. (Source)

Bill Nelson voted against debate over job-killing cap-and-trade legislation. (Source)

Bill Nelson voted against property rights, and in favor of eminent domain. (Source)

Bill Nelson voted for the failed Cash For Clunkers program. (Source)

Bill Nelson supported the First Amendment-restricting McCain-Feingold legislation. (Source)

Bill Nelson voted for the Patriot Act, which violates the Fourth Amendment and levies burdensome regulations on American businesses. (Source)

Bill Nelson voted to increase the debt by expanding unfunded entitlement programs. (Source)

Bill Nelson was one of only three Senators to co-sponsor a horrendous bill that would give Obama unchecked power to shut down Internet traffic. (Source)

Bill Nelson voted to raise his own pay (Source), while voting for taxes on the citizens of Florida. (Source)

Floridians deserve better.
Jimmy Wales will fight for balanced budgets, low taxes, your constitutional rights, your privacy, and your freedom.

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